Executive Board

Peter Bollenbeck

Peter Bollenbeck
  • * 1973
  • Chairman of the Executive Board
  • Founding Partner

Supervisory Board

Dr. Thomas Hermes (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

Thomas Hermes holds a doctorate degree from law school and works as an attorney and notary. He is partner in the law firm Holthoff-Pförtner, based in Essen and Berlin, where he specializes in private law with a particular focus on corporate law. Furthermore, Dr. Thomas Hermes is the supervisory board chairman of the registered housing association known as Wohnungsgenossenschaft Essen-Nord e.G., Essen.

Since 2002, Thomas Hermes has held the office of chair of the InVision AG supervisory board.

Matthias Schroer (Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

Matthias Schroer studied electrical engineering at the Ruhr University of Bochum. In 1995, he founded the company InVision together with Peter Bollenbeck and Armand Zohari. Until June 2011, Matthias was responsible for the Research & Development and IT divisions as a member of the Executive Board of InVision. Since he left the company in June 2011, Matthias Schroer has been working as an independent IT consultant. Matthias Schroer became a member of the InVision Supervisory Board in August 2013.

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Mülder

Since 1991, Wilhelm Mülder has been a Professor of commercial IT at the Niederrhein University, Monchengladbach (Germany), department of economics. In 2006, he was appointed Vice-Rector for Research and Development. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Mülder is Scientific Director of the research group “PERSIT” (Human Resources and IT) at the Niederrhein University.

Prof. Dr. Mülder has been a member of the InVision Supervisory Board since 2002.