Making a Happy Place out of Pain

Since the premiere of the first movie “AUGENHÖHE” (“at eye level”) we are fans of the project of the same name. The project AUGENHÖHE aims at showing and connecting companies, where people are working differently these times, “at eye level”, with respect and appreciation. In their two movies “AUGENHÖHE” and “AUGENHÖHEwege”, they deep dive into what is really different working in these companies compared to working at others.

We were very happy when the project team showed their interest to make a video module about us to reveal what makes it different to work at InVision. The movie below tells in about 10 minutes our story from being a traditionally structured company in our first 12 to 13 years to transforming into a lean and agile organization.

Watch this video to find out why passion, failure and learning are major elements of our work, and how a very special moment contributed to initiate the change right after 2008.

“Life is not painful as such. But pain is part of the life as well as the happy times. If you don’t have the pain baseline, you won’t recognize the happy times.”
Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision

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