Duesseldorf Germany

A Breeze of Silicon Valley, in Germany.

Designed by the renowned Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, our global headquarters is located in the beautiful Maki Solitaire, right in Dusseldorf’s media harbor. Because we own it, we have been able to unleash our imagination to create an exciting, enjoyable working environment that fits perfectly with our requirements and our fun-loving ethos. And if we don’t like it at some point in the future, we can just change it!

Our Chefs.

Our “maîtres de la cantine” not only spoil us daily with power foods like fresh smoothies, scrambled eggs, and a selection of healthy lunches, but they also maintain our snack bar with motherly care. They are full-time, work autonomously and as committed as the rest of us do. So, if this whets your appetite, feel free to drop by and have some lunch with us!

Events at InVision.

The “Digital Garden”, our main event arena, is equipped with spacious views, comfortable seats and the very latest video and audio technologies. With the addition of over 1,000 individually controllable LED lights and a bar, we now have a forum perfect for talks, meetups, and workshops!


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