What it's like to work at InVision

I can’t believe that it is already 6 weeks ago that I started for InVision. In this article I’ll share my experiences about working from the Maki in Düsseldorf.

The application and the first day

Most of the times, people (including myself) are a bit nervous about their first day at a new company. This was really not the case for my first day at InVision. I think that’s really because of two things; attending events and the trial day.

Getting to know InVision at events

During my first interview I immediately got invited for a Growth Hacking event that took place that same day. And after this event I attended two more events before my first day at InVision. This, for me, was a great way to learn more about the company. Not only did I get a tour through the building, but I also learned what topics the company was working on and I got to meet a couple of my future colleagues.

Trial day

I’ve never had a trial day before in any other application procedure, but couldn’t imagine one without now. I can understand the goal of a trial day from the employer’s point of view; getting to know the applicant better than in an one-hour interview, see how the applicant performs in a real work situation and how he/she fits in the team.

But the exact opposite is also true. It is just as important for the applicant to see the real company (not just the 10 minute pitch from the first interview), the real people and experience first-hand if you fit in the team.

For me, the trial day felt very natural and turned out to be a very fun day. I learned a lot about the priorities of the company and the challenges ahead were and noticed a big fit with my personal interests and experience. I felt a very good click with my colleagues and had the feeling I could just be myself.

So, when I was on my way to the office on my first official day, I didn’t feel like this would be my first encounter with my new employer. I knew exactly what challenges ahead were, with whom I would be working on them and how the company rolls.

The first weeks

The first weeks went by so quickly. I spent time learning about the product(s), the team and the company. I was invited to take part in various meetings in which I met colleagues from all over the world and learned about their roles and priorities. In addition I took many e-learnings from The Call Center School to learn about the call center industry.


Saying you’re agile and being agile are two completely different things. In my experience InVision is agile on all levels. For example, our interdisciplinary team works at one big desk. This enables us to ask questions quickly, get feedback from a few colleagues and make decisions on the go without ever having to set up a meeting. This makes everything really fast and everybody is always up-to-date. Also, the daily stand-ups really help to see what everybody is working on and allows for on-the-spot knowledge sharing.

No hierarchy

It’s funny how people sometimes react when I tell them I don’t have a manager: “How does that work?”. Well, it just does. At least, that’s my experience. Because there is no manager, everybody is. That doesn’t mean everybody is bossing each other around. Rather, it means that everybody feels responsible for the goals we set ourselves. People speak up when something is bothering them and provide feedback openly and often. It’s great to see that if you hire the right people, they don’t need to be managed!


What I really enjoy at InVision is the transparency. Nearly all (if not all) documents are accessible by the entire company by default, all communication takes place on public Slack channels (I haven’t received a single email from a colleague so far, no joke). First of all, it makes me feel valued as an employee, because there’s no information being held back for some reason. But it also makes things fast! If I need information, I can usually find it within seconds.


Next to not having any hierarchy and being fully transparent I also got admin access to all the tools I needed and a company credit card to purchase any additional tools I need to do my job. All things separately may seem small things, but the combined effect is that I feel trusted from day one and that I’ve been given a great responsibility.

And then I haven’t even talked about the delicious breakfast/lunch, the beautiful office, the non-work related events with colleagues and much more. Starting at InVision for me was (and still is) a lot of fun!

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